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The role of luck in life success

“In the last few years, a number of studies and books…. have suggested that luck and opportunity may play a far greater role than we ever realized, across a number of fields, including financial trading, business, sports, art, music, literature, … Continue reading

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The inertia of science

Some of the greatest scientific advances have been made by maverick scientists; people who go off on tangents despite widely accepted existing paradigms. A paradigm is essentially an accepted framework that directs research to advance by an accumulation of solutions … Continue reading

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Life in space – An earthling biologist’s perspective.

The other day I was listening to a CBC Summer Edition discussion about space exploration, and specifically putting human beings on Mars. The discussion centred on the risk of contaminating Mars with organisms from earth, but also the risk of … Continue reading

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Confessions of an ADD scientist

I have very deep admiration for scientists who attack a subject from numerous angles, and persist for years or decades, perhaps even a full career unravelling the mysteries of a particular system. Charles Darwin comes to mind, of course, although … Continue reading

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Pet peeves: The increasing list of things that annoys me as I become a grumpier old man.

The other day I got myself in the unenviable position of having to wait for a BC Ferry from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver to Nanaimo for four hours. I missed the 5 o’clock ferry by minutes, and then the … Continue reading

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When is the time right for retirement?

Fourteen months ago I retired at the age of 65 from my position as Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia. It was with some trepidation I did so, because in addition to retiring, I also moved with my … Continue reading

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